Unlocking Your Real Estate Investment Potential


    Real estate investment is probably one of the most influential forms of investing that has been trending off late. What is more important than investing right is investing smartly when it comes to the real estate business. Our seminar helps you understand the core benefits of real estate investment by getting a complete know how of its benefits such as leveraging, trading, participating in real estate investment groups, etc. Deploying an all encompassing approach that instills an understanding of the basic errors that form a part of a real estate investment deal such as planning on the go, skipping background checks, reducing volume and misjudgment of the cashflow. These are just the few faulty steps out of the many that are outlined in our seminar.

    Participate now and discern a complete know how on maximizing your profits and unlocking your real estate investment potential.


    Benefits of The Seminar

    1. The ‘do all’ of the real estate business
    2. Using leverage to multiplying your asset value
    3. Hedging on inflation
    4. Differentiate between active and passive assets
    5. Positive Cashflow


    Benefits to you from the Training

    1. Learn to do business like a Bank!
    2. How to use O.P.M
    3. How to capitalize on physical assets
    4. Maximizing tax benefits
    5. Have a complete know how on Asset value appreciation

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    Date Of next Seminar: 06 August 2016


    Location : GTA


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