Credit Repair and Enhancement


    “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” as quoted by Warren Buffet seems to fit the exact notion behind seeking effective credit solutions. Our credit repair program aims at eliminating the risk factor that forms the base of faulty debt management. Helping you create a structured plan that is aimed at guiding you towards effective credit management after careful analyzation of your financial situation ,we ensure that you strive towards attaining your financial goals sooner and in real time!

    This course outlines the following essential requisites of effective  credit  planning  and management.


    Benefits of The Seminar

    1.  Getting a detailed understanding of your Credit or financial Standing
    2.  Answering and mending Credit Issues
    3.  Repairing and rebuilding your credit structure
    4.  Increasing your FICO Score
    5.  Developing Trade Algorithms
    6.  Getting access to secured Credit Cards
    7.  Generating secured Loans
    8.  Enabling the use of TFSA to rebuild your credit and investment portfolios
    9.  Publications that will guide you in the long run


    How You Benefit From Our Training


    1.  Competitive review of your financial standing
    2.  Effective debt management solutions allowing you to get control of your finances
    3.  Learn about rebuilding your credit
    4.  Learn how to managing your budget effectively
    5.  Learn how to handle your crisis with more ease and stability
    6.  Comprehensive financial education - time to out-perform yourself!


    A full day payable workshop comes with a Publication and a Work Book. Assuring effective credit repair and enhancement abilities post workshop, the attendees can also make use of a custom package of a guided mentoring program that can be adhered for a fixed duration and fee.

    Date Of next Seminar: 24 September 2016


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