Profiting with Lease Options


    Lease option is one of the most elemental ways of earning a profit in the real estate industry. Usually adhering mutual benefits to both the seller/ landlord/ lessor who owns the property or has the right towards leasing out the property for purchase and the lessee/tenant/ Buyer of the property. A basic method of leasing out the property to the lessee under the obligation to sell the property at the end of the term in return for a ‘valuable consideration’ or fee, rent and final purchase price. Allowing sellers in distress who are on a look out to see their homes to rest assured of a possible deal and granting the credit building time to the buyers, Lease option has many benefits to its credit.

    This course outlines the following essential requisites of effective  credit  planning  and management.


    Benefits of The Seminar

    Our seminar will allow you to gather a command on the entire structure of Lease Option strategy within the real estate industry in the United States and around. This being a unilateral agreement, it is important for the seller to be well versed with the market and growth of the real estate segment to be able to concoct ideal and profitable terms and conditions for the lease option contract. Failing to do so, will result in the sale of the property at a value which is way lesser than the actual stand. Our seminar will help you in the following ways: 1. Understanding Market scenario
    2. Analyzing the true value of the property
    3. Understanding the patterns and terms that can be included in a contract
    4. How to maximize profits and minimize cost in both leasing and purchasing the property
    5. Credit sourcing techniques that will enable a quick turnaround of the contract


    Benefits to you from the Training

    1. Avoid downsizing the value of your property
    2. Making use of our database and generating sales
    3. Establishing a locked purchase price, often at par with the market value
    4. Leasing out to a client who is a promising buyer



    Date Of next Seminar: 17 September 2016


    Location : GTA


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