Rent-to-Own Program

An urgent look at desires towards Homeownership

No doubt, we all want that special place that gives us a feeling of comfort. We all crave for homeownership irrespective of our financial base. At times, we want to have real estates with a little amount to start with, but the good news is about spreading your lips into a room of smiles. There is a fantastic scheme that has to do with you owning the property after a certain term lapse, which gives you all the benefits you desire in real estates without any string attached, and by extension, no extra charges, isn't that beautiful to behold as opportunities on one's palms?


The easiest way to hold property opportunities on your palms!

With the rising rate of property demand and the hidden charges embedded in many real estates today, we, therefore, erase such nightmares by offering you a befitting program RENT TO OWN/LEASE OPTION.  It is a program which is necessarily an agreement to occupy a property with the option to purchase that same property after the agreement term is over. It is the right for which consideration has been paid to buy, lease or sell a particular piece of real estate to or from another (person or entity) at a specific price and within a designated period.

A Rent To Own/Lease Option is one of the most effective techniques in creative real estate investments. This scheme was created to benefit all parties involved in the transaction, the buyer, the seller, and the investors as well as other parties. There are factors influencing Rent To Own/Lease Option transactions.

The objective is to create a winning situation for all parties involved.
Rent To Own/Lease options can be an ideal solution for many real estate problems and can also create an abundance of wealth. There is never enough rent to own/lease option property available for the potential buyers, and that is why smart investors create rent to own /lease option deals. Rent To Own/Lease options, if used correctly, is one of the smartest moves a seller, realtor, investor and buyer can make in today’s marketplace to edge against the downgrading of real estate indexes.
The key to mastering Rent to Own/ Lease Options, like any other investment, is knowledge. Lease option deals are not out in the marketplace like other deals (i.e. fixer uppers); you have to create them.

Who should get involved in this Program?

Verily, this is a call to viable action by tenants/buyers, landlords, homeowners, investors, real estate professionals

To tenants/buyers:

  • Do you have credit issues in satisfying your needs in real estate?
  • Do you need time to save Down payment?
  • Are you a newcomer to Canada?
  • Are you self-employed?
  • Are you encountering mortgage challenge?
  • These and much more pressing challenges as regards tenants and buyers are solutions already under this scheme.


To landlords:-

  • Do you have tenant’s headaches?
  • Are you in urgent need of better quality people occupying your property?
  • No repairs?
  • Do you want to increase cash flow in a geometric progression?
  • Do. You want to. Edge against negative cash flow?
  • No realtor’s commissions to pay?
  • Do you need more Tax benefits?
  • The list is opened to other challenges you're facing which will be solved by this specially-packaged scheme.


To homeowners:-

  • Do you need a home as an investment?
  • Do you want high mortgage payments?
  • Do you want to lower property value?
  • Are you been dragged down by personal issues relating to real estate?
  • Are you bothered about realtors cost of selling?
  • Do you even want to relocate?
  • Are you scared of negative cash flow?
  • Do you get tormented by adverse situations?
  • Then, you have a solution already inherently present here.


To have a glimpse of the program, here is the process:

  • Attend one of our Free Seminars or book an appointment with one of our consultants to learn  about  Rent To Own/Lease Options and how it works
  • You submit  an application and a wish list (On our website)
  • One of our consultants will then analyze your information. (Adverse Credit does not matter as we work together to fix it).Down payment does matter but its flexible based on the situation.
  • Once given the green light you go home shopping.
  • Find a home you love in our inventory of homes or you and your realtor finds the home or work with our realtor if you don’t have one.
  • Once you find the right home, you then get into an agreement.
  • You will then have to get independent legal advice considering the agreement.
  • If you are all satisfied with the advice from your attorney we then proceed according to the agreement
  • You move into your new home.
  • We continue to work with you on all adverse situations, e.g. credit, mortgage, down payment etc.
  • Once you are satisfied and entirely convinced with the above, we seek a mortgage for you, you buy the home, and you then celebrate.               


We continue to work with you to show you how to pay off your mortgage in less than half the time. You then celebrate real success and revere the scheme with smiles.

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