Are you looking for ways to REDUCE YOUR MORTGAGE?

Then we have the right MIX of FINANCIAL TOOLS and the PROGRAM to get you there!

Today, a large percentage of the population has taken mortgages on their homes and properties, and the existing economic downturn is not helping with the repayments. The cost of everything is rising.

Many homeowners now find themselves spending more than they make, and the added burden of giving regular mortgage payments every month continues to take its toll.

Understanding how your mortgage works can be complicated and exhausting.

Over decades of how to pay off your mortgage faster has been on the minds of home owners and real estate investors and other real estate professionals. Imagine a system that will decrease the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage and increase the amount you pay down on the principal amount of your mortgage.

How Mortgage Reduction Program will Help Me?

Here are the WAYS by which mortgages are modified to BENEFITtheBorrowers.

How It Can Help You

Here are the WAYS by which mortgages are modified to BENEFITtheBorrowers.

  • Help you manage your debt
  • Make every dollar count
  • Show you how to increase the purchasing power of your money
  • Accelerate mortgage pay down
  • Understand Credit Matters
  • Understand the power of Leverage
  • Make your life less taxing
  • Increase capital for investment purposes
  • Snapshot of your financial picture
  • Monthly Income/Expense Tracking
  • Networth Determination
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Debt Paydown Analyzer and Plan
  • Mortgage Reduction Analyzer and Strategies
  • Strategies for your RRSP as investment vehicles
  • Increase the purchase power of you money
  • Help you manage your debt
  • Make every dollar count
  • Show you how to increase the purchasing power of your money
  • Accelerate mortgage pay down
  • Understand Credit Matters
  • Understand the Power of Leverage
  • Make Your Life Less Taxing
  • Increase Capital for Investment Purposes
  • Equity Awareness
  • Build Your Net Worth
  • Increase Your Credit Score
  • Track Your Debt Service Ratios
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Debt Analyzer and Consolidation Plan
  • Mortgage Reduction Strategies
  • Understand RRSP Investment Benefits
  • Obtain Your Personalized Financial Report
  • Set Your Personal Financial Setting
  • Stay on Track with Your Action Items
  • Get Results – Get Wealth-E™
How It Can Help You?

Navigating your finances efficiently is essential to providing a better life for you and your family. Wealth-E not only provides you with the tools to put your money to work for you, it aims to help you understand the financial market so you can improve your overall standing. Understand and Improve Credit Matters {Appears one clicked} Wealth-E™ will help you improve your credit on an ongoing basis. Reminders and information will be tailored to your personal situation so that you will be aware of what you can do to improve and increase your credit score. Understand the power of Leverage {Appears one clicked} Wealth-E™ works with leveraging equity in real estate so as to further increase someone’s overall wealth. Leverage is a powerful tool once you know how to use it right! Get the most out of your tax situation {Appears one clicked} Taxes are one of the largest lifetime expenses. Understanding and taking control of how you in your current situation will help you save big time on taxes through various means of tax savings.

Increase capital for investment purposes

{Appears one clicked} If your goal is to increase your cash flow, which you can use for every day living or – as Wealth-E™ would have it – to increase your overall net work through investments, then this is a great resource for you.

Help you manage your debt

{Appears one clicked} Canadians are not improving their debt situation as evident by the rise in debt-to-income ratio, recorded at the highest ever 145%. This doesn’t have to be your case. Wealth-E™ can show you what you need to do to consolidate your debt and reduce your debt.

Make every dollar count

{Appears one clicked} You work hard for your earned money. Make sure you’re putting it where its giving you the best return on investment, whether paying down a loan or taking that money to invest. Depending on your situation, Wealth-E™ can help you make the most out of your dollars. Wealth-E™ can show you how to increase the purchasing power of your money

Accelerate mortgage pay down

{Appears one clicked} Mortgage debt is usually the biggest debt people encounter. What is the core thing you must do to obtain financial freedom early in life? You must reduce your costs of living. Paying off the mortgage reduces costs in a number of ways. Wealth-E™ works with you to reduce your mortgage while increasing your net worth and cash flow.

Never before has it been easier to take control of your financial situation and make it into what you’ve always dreamed it being

Want to Purchase Wealth-E?

Please visit our How to Buy Page for information on where Wealth-E Soft Inc. products can be purchased. {link to distribution page}

Why do you need it ?

You are sitting on thousands of dollars you don’t even know you have

Wealth-E ‘s innovative program will provide you with the knowledge and tools to tap into this Hidden Treasure and put you on the path to financial enlightenment .

How our Mortgage Eliminator program will help

When you combine integrity, strength and commitment to excellence with years of research and development with financial management and wealth creation, you find Wealth-E Soft Inc. and our superior product Wealth-E.

We are a company which combines both integrity and strength when it comes to providing a viable tool that Canadians can use to manage their finances and build wealth. We have a strong platform to support growth of our company and will be expanding our reach to all of North America in the near future. Our vision is to build a new future together with…

Our commitment to you – Wealth-E Soft Inc. has invested many years of research and in many professionals to ensure the proper mix of financial management, investment management and personalized goal setting tools are available to you. With ongoing upgrades and support, Wealth-E Soft Inc. is committed to building on the current platform to provide users with a superior product and sound recommendations. We want to be part of your everyday life!

Mission Statement

Wealth-E Soft will be the best national provider of quality software products that will help the average person realize their full potential of debt management and wealth creation, to result in the overall growth of wealth among Canadians.

Our Team

Wealth-E Soft is built on a diverse employee population with a set of key attributes that is common to every individual including:

  • Strong Ethics and Morals
  • In Agreement with Economic Purpose
  • Team Player
  • Optimistic, Positive and Other-Oriented
  • Energetic Achiever
  • Bright and Imaginative
  • Integrity
Product Overview

Wealth-E utilizes cutting edge online technology that takes the guess work out of debt management and wealth creation by making every dollar count, saving you time, energy and money. Our revolutionary approach puts you back in control of your future.

Wealth-E makes it easy to understand your financial portfolio and monitor your assets and liabilities on a daily basis.

Solutions, That You Need!

You are sitting on thousands of dollars you don't even know you have. Wealth-E 's innovative program will provide you with the knowledge and tools to tap into this hidden treasure and put you on the path to financial freedom.

Featured Services {video link off to the side – a video demonstration of Wealth-E outlining the following points} Expense Tracking {hyperlink to open with more info} Obtain a clear picture as to where your money is going and analyze real estate investment properties you have for their monthly cash flow.  Debt Consolidation {hyperlink to open with more info} Ease your financial stress with an option to consolidate your non-productive debts.  Improve Your Credit {hyperlink to open with more info} Good credit is important to building wealth in today’s economy. It’s critical when looking to employ leverage in your investment strategy. Learn and take action in improving your credit score as you accomplish your other financial goals.  Structure Yourself Properly {hyperlink to open with more info} Get organized with Wealth-E’s system of making sense of what you have. Learn how you can use your existing trade lines to put yourself in an ideal situation to pay down your mortgage faster and minimize your debts.  Set Your Goals {hyperlink to open with more info} Financial goals are personal, but with Wealth-E you can set your objective and be guided to taking action steps towards achieving your financial goals.  Tax Planning {hyperlink to open with more info} Understand what tax bracket you fit into and what the implications would be should you make more money. Learn about tax saving strategies that you can use.  Investment Strategies {hyperlink to open with more info} Move from a mediocre position to a position where you can invest and make more money through investments that make sense for your profile.


"Wealth-E™ has helped my household gain control of our finances. Now we are focusing on building a great legacy for our children through investments."

– J. Monroe, Oshawa, ON

"What a relief to know that there is a great system out there that can take someone from nearly claiming bankruptcy to getting on the right financial path."

– V. Kalabi, Niagara Falls, ON

"This system is an everyday necessity! To accomplish your goals you need to see them every day in front of you and seeing the action steps makes you take action towards your goals."

– A. Rensault, Ottawa, ON


"I had no idea I was spending that much money on unproductive items. Wealth-E™ put me on the right path and connected me the key professionals that have already helped me improve my credit, reduce my debts, and add to my monthly income."

– P. La Salle, Mississauga, ON

"Every household needs Wealth-E™. Seriously."

– F. Lee, Huntsville, ON

"I have many real estate properties and was at a standstill moving forward. Wealth-E™ analyzed my situation, helped identify what properties were lacking and in what area, and gave me some options to move forward."

- E. Campbell, Toronto, ON

"This is a great program. I’m not good with computers or any technology for that matter, but Wealth-E™ is easy to use and easy to understand."

– T. Sinisterra, Mississauga, ON

"I’m impressed! I had my doubts about this program, but it does what it claims to do. Would recommend to my friends and family."

– Q. Phung, Scarborough, ON

"I am on the track to becoming wealthy with Wealth-E™!"

– R. Trent, Milton, ON

"I really appreciate what Wealth-E™ and the professionals I’ve been connected with via Wealth-E™ have done and are doing with my financial health. Not only is my situation getting better, I now also understand what affects my debt ratios, credit and leveraging power."

– C. Burley, Toronto, ON

"Love the fact that I can learn and do at the same time to get results."

– K. Bates, Kitchener, ON

"We were scared that our only option to get into a better situation was a reverse mortgage. We are seniors and not working and needed income. Wealth-E™ showed us options to continue to build our net worth and investment portfolio at our age, and add to our income, without losing our house to the bank through the reverse mortgage process. What a life saver!"

– J. Olangy, Scarborough, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I be totally debt free when I’m done using Wealth-E™?

Our program is focused on dealing with unsecured debts (credit cards, medical bills, unsecured personal loans), mortgages and wealth creation pathways. The goal is to improve your situation to move from a negative or small cash flow per month to a larger one by means of balancing good and bad debts as well as income streams. If you opt to be at zero (debt free) you can work the program this way, however it may be beneficial to have some debts in certain areas of your portfolio.

Q. Do interest and late fees accrue on my unsecured accounts?

If you let your accounts go delinquent, your creditors will continue to add interest and late fees onto your balances. These will cause your outstanding balance to increase. Keep in mind that the interest is going to accrue regardless of whether you make minimum payments or not. The goal of Wealth-E™ is to help you create wealth by minimizing expenses and increasing your cash flow.

Q. How does Wealth-E™ affect my credit score?

If you do not make required minimum payments to your creditor you may be breaking the terms of your agreement with them and your actions will probably be reported to consumer reporting agencies as a late, delinquent, charged-off or past due balance. You can find some great information about maintaining good credit by using Wealth-E™ and action steps to help you maintain or improve your credit. Note, however that Wealth-E™ is not involved with credit repair.

Q. Will Wealth-E™ or Wealth-E™ Soft repair my credit?

No. We are not a credit repair company, and our goal is not to repair your credit. Our goal is to show you how you can get out of debt and make money.

Q. Will you guarantee that I will become a millionaire?

That is entirely up to you and what you do with the information presented to you based on your profile in Wealth-E™. Sadly, some people will purchase our product and do nothing with it. Wealth-E™ is a very powerful software that can help reduce consumer debt, reduce the amount of interest paid and provide options to users on how they can increase their cash flow and net worth.

Q. You seem to focus more on wealth than debt. Why?

This is what we want you to focus on as well. By focusing on wealth that is what you will draw into your life and begin creating. Opportunities will present themselves to you because you will be tuned in to seeing them and you’ll start to think differently. Focusing on debt will draw even more debt to you. What we focus on becomes our reality. When you focus on becoming wealthy, along the way you take care of debt.

Q. In your opinion, what is the biggest hurdle that most people have to overcome to be successful?

Doing nothing when they know they should be doing something. And then making excuses or blaming other people to explain their lack of success. Personal accountability and responsibility are the traits of successful people. Wealth-E™ will help you stay on track to accomplishing your financial goals, provided you take action.

Q. Who are Wealth-E™ Soft’s clients?

We work with individuals and families that understand the value of high quality, one third of our clients are 55 years old or older, retired or very close to retirement, and have a net worth from $750,000 to $20 million. Two thirds are under 55 looking to take control of their financial future. All our clients have unique goals and situations. Wealth-E™ Soft has designed Wealth-E™ to cater to all types of individuals to help them in their wealth and debt management. If you fall into one of these categories, you owe it to yourself to contact us and learn more about our services designed specifically for your situation.