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The basics of who we are at what we do best.

We are a group of professionals specialized in Real Estate, Real Estate Financing and related services that come together to help more Canadian, who are currently having challenges, to become home owners.
Unarguably, there are issues hindering people from owning such properties of their desires, which boils downmostly to financial constraints, and the good news is that we have it as a prospect to tackle. Some of the issues revolve around Adverse Credit Rating or inadequate time to save for down payment.
Are you self-employed? Or you can’t qualify at the bank for a mortgage? Are you a newcomer to Canada or having related issues? The solution is here, yes, we collectively have a way forward to your real estate related problems.

Who we are

Welcome to Canadian Homeownerships. We are experienced group of real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, investors trainers and legal practitioners who are experts in real estate, real estate financing, and related professional services. Canadian home owners has been at the service of numerous clients since its establishment through our Rent to Own / Lease Option Programs.

Why Choose Us

Over the years, Canadian Home Ownership has helped several individuals and investors in bringing their dreams to realities.

• Our expert team is bent on helping you reach your target.

• Our expert team is bent on helping you reach your target.
• We understand the business of Real Estate and Mortgage Financing. Hence we assist you in raising funds to buy property.
• We bridge the gap between home buyers and financial constraints.

• We are professionals with decades of Experience and we are ready to take you along.
• We assist you in solving adverse Credit Issues and how to maximize the use of your credit.
• We assist you with Mortgage Financing strategies. • We accept payment only on concrete business agreement.

• We patiently devise several means around your real estate problems. Hence there is every need to talk to us.
• We help you achieve exploits with little.
• We incessantly work to escalate the buying process and avail you an active interactive section for your complaints and inquiries.

• We merge the difference between your mortgage and property worth.
• We take the stress out of Landlords/Investors/Lessor and even the tenants/lessee upon ourselves to ensure optimum service delivery.

Contact us today and enjoy this amazing benefits!


Rent To Own vs Lease Options Workshop

Do you need time to solve your credit issues in

satisfying your needs in real estate?

Do you need time to save Down payment?

Are you a newcomer to Canada?

Are you self-employed?


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