Credit Repair

This program will be focused on Credit Rehab & Enhancement. This is a very large demographic in Canada at the moment and we see a vast opportunity for this. The general idea of the course would be to assist people in repairing/enhancing their credit and to create a financial benefit for everyone involved.

Everyone in the  Marketing division will enjoy the “catch-all” effect this course presents, as anyone who they may have in their personal network who may not be able to directly invest into themselves (due to poor credit, lack of investment capital), will be able to take advantage of this course and eventually invest and reap the benefits.

We foresee the course covering the following:

  1. Understanding your Credit
  2. Fixing Credit Problems
  3. Repairing your Credit
  4. Rebuilding your Credit
  5. Increasing your FICO Score
  6. Building Trade Lines
  7. Getting Secure Credit Cards
  8. Getting Secure Loans
  9. Use the TFSA to rebuild your credit and invest at the same time
  10. Identity theft

And more…

This will be a one full day workshop and will come with a Publication and a Work Book.

There will be a cost to attend (we will all work out that)

After this session they can do it (credit repair/enhance) on their own or we can upsell into a type of Mentoring Package in which will assign a coach that can guide and assist them. (We will work out the specifics of the package & pricing)