Rent To Own / Lease Options Benefits for the Professional Affiliates

Rent To Own/Lease Options Benefits for the Professional Affiliates

  • Realtors can potentially be able to sell the “hard to sell” listings because of certain problems there by not losing their commission
  • Realtors can find their clients (Who cannot qualify through the normal process) their dream home and get paid their commission.
  • Realtors, mortgage agents and other professionals can help and give their clients an alternative to homeownership there by creating a great future relationship.
  • Professionals can recommend their clients with Credit issues, mortgage qualification problem and even to pay off their mortgage in less than half the time and benefit from it.
  • Learn new techniques and strategies as to how to deal with the current stringent mortgage market
  • Able to turn around their investors negative cash flow into positive cash flow there by doing more deals

…… and lots more

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