What is The Wealth-E Group

The Wealth-e Group was formed by the coming together of various industry professionals, including real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, investors and educators to name a few. Together this union provides over 100 years of experience in the fields of Real Estate, Financing and Education.

The focus of the Wealth-e Group is to greatly increase financial literacy, drastically and rapidly reduce debts, and identify methods to increase wealth. We here at the Wealth-e Group believe that with clarity of mind and purity of purpose, anything can be achieved. We are here to help you succeed!


Real Estate Investment and Financing Seminar

Once Per Week - 2 hours per session – Free Workbook

  • The Credit Navigator
  • The RRSP Generator
  • Jumpstart your Real Estate Investment Cash Flow
    (Active Real Estate Investment)
  • The Secrets of OPM
    (Very Little or nothing Down)
  • The Mortgage Terminator
  • Jump Start Your Real Estate Investment Business
Seating is Limited

Vacation for life

  • Vacations at more than 4,000 affiliated resorts in over 100 different countries around the world.
  • Canadian Government subsidizes up to 50% of the cost of your vacation using your RRSP.
  • Incentives in the Tax Act permit us to offer a Tax Holiday to Canadians.
  • You and your family can begin living Vacation Lifestyle now, on a tax-free basis, using your RRSP.
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The Wealth-e Group Business Opportunity

Join Our Network

The Wealth-e Membership provides an opportunity for likeminded people together to network and learn and share different techniques and strategies’ used in the industry (not known to most people) to successfully make and save money and at the same time enjoy a lifestyle now as opposed to laterand at the same time benefit from the services used and provided. You don’t have to be an experienced individual to get involve in the membership. You just have to be eager to learn and then act. We invite you to explore the site to learn more about the benefits of the membership

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Realty & Mortgage Services

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We here at the Wealth-e Group want to work with YOU! If you’re a dedicated and courteous professional who wants to expand their clientele, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Orlando Vacation Property

Tourism + Luxury Property = Smart Buy

These gated resort homesare the perfect place to vacation, and to keep coming back! Minutes from Orlando’s world-famous excitement,

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